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"A new look at reforestation"

We all have a common problem. And our future and the future of our children depend on how we solve it. We are talking about global warming.

In order to slow down the rise in temperature on the planet, it is necessary to plant trees.

How many?

As many as we can! It's need to be done as well and careful as it possible. They grow more than one day, but help us every day. It's like health - you appreciate it, you worry and then you can solve any problem. If you don't appreciate it, it won't be a task. Large-scale forest planting requires multi-level training and cooperation between different organizations. The success of such projects directly depends on their coordinated work, flexible response and exchange of experience.

The 24th of February, at 19:30 (UTC+2)

We are holding an international online conference where representatives of various organizations involved in reforestation will share their experiences.

We will discuss the following issues:
- How to work with local authorities?
- How to gather volunteers for mass trees planting in different regions?
- Where to start if you want to make your business "green"?
- How much does it cost to organize a forest planting?
- What permits are needed?
- What tools could facilitate the planting of the forest and taking care of it in different parts of the world?
- Can one person organize a mass planting of forests and how?
- What does the new generation think about this and how do they contribute to resolving the issue?

Each of the speakers will talk about their experience and answer all questions.

If you are interested in this topic, are an expert, know the specifics or just a sensible inhabitant of the planet Earth - we are waiting for you at this event. After all, who, if not us?
Our speakers
Margaret Morales
Head of Communications at Terraformation.
Anna Korshunova
Founder of the social platform Lepta. President of the NGO "White Bird".
Anna Krisyuk
President of Business Woman club, organizer of the eco project "Landscaping of Ukraine. Landscaping of the planet."
Valentin Kravchenko
Lions Clubs International, District 134 Ukraine
Past District Governor, Lions Quest Country Director, Coordinating Lion for Moldova,
LCIF Area IV H Leader
Lesein Mutunkei
Founder of Trees4Goals. A footballer from Kenya who plants 11 trees for each goal he scores.
Nataly Ulyanova
Entrepreneur. Investor. Strategy, Business development and transformation expert.
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Olesya Solomina
CEO, Founder
Entrepreneur. Expert in health care and nutritionism.
Nataly Ulyanova
Entrepreneur. Investor. Strategy, Business development and transformation expert.
Nina Malinovskaya
Strategic communication & organization development. Mentor.