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Why plant trees?
Let's start with the simple
A person exhales about 300-350 kg of CO2 per year. It is necessary to plant 2-3 trees annually if we want to compensate our own breathing.
The agricultural sector accounts for about 13% of total global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions (Barker et al., 2007), about 6 gigatons per year. This indicator is projected to increase by almost 40% by 2030.
In 2018, the global garment and footwear industry emitted more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined.
It`s total amount is 2.1 billion tons of CO2 and this is about 4% of global emissions.
Why is it better to plant trees with us?
There is a fundamental difference between volunteer and professional tree planting
Artificial reforestation will only become effective with a professional long-term view.
We offer not just to plant a tree.
Our goal is to restore natural ecosystems, so we plant the tree in accordance with biodiversity, providing them with care and protection for the next 45 years, taking into account the necessary planting, seasonal fires, deliberate arson and illegal logging.
We cooperate with international companies, the project is supported by the UN General Agreement. We develop our own methodology for calculating CO2 absorption, ensure that the necessary documents are prepared at each stage of the planting and are audited by independent, world leaders in the calculation of the carbon absorbtion
Our planet must become carbon-neutral by 2050. Typically, this status can be achieved in two ways: trading in emission quotas or reducing carbon emissions by changing energy sources and industrial processes. If you are interested in making your business carbon neutral or would like to sell emission quotas - it's time to work with us.
Let's make the future carbon-neutral
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Olesya Solomina
CEO, Co-founder
Entrepreneur, social activist, nutraceutical chocolate maker.
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Strategic communications, Co-founder
Strategic communication & organization development. Mentor.
Re-Climate & business
Our company provides a range of services for planting and further care of the forest in Ukraine, with a full cycle of processing all necessary documents, audit and legal support at all stages to obtain the right to absorb CO2 in the long term.

We offer a mutually beneficial cooperation on the way to your carbon neutrality.
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